Monday, December 1, 2014

Homeland of my ancestors!

Tuesday morning Christine and I had a nice quiet breakfast and went over all the neat things we did together. Jonalee and Nathan came right on time and took me away from her. 
I will have wonderful memories to last me until our next visit, whenever that might be! 
We headed off to Herschbroich to meet the Mayor!

Beautiful countryside!

We rang her doorbell and there was no answer! 
We walked up a very steep incline to the museum but found that locked. 
Back down the hill. 
The mayor was on her porch! 
She came to meet us, welcomed us into her house, and fed us some delicious cabbage soup! 
While we were eating, she brought out several record books and there it was! 
Proof of my ancestors living there! 
She had family group charts of the brothers and sisters of my grandmother's grandfather! 
She is a descendant of one of these also. I have asked her to please chart that for me. 
These are some really old plat maps! 

She then took us up the hill to the museum. It is in the school that dates back to the 1600's and I have a book that was probably used in that very building!

There is a model of the town from many years ago. The home of my ancestor is on the top left. It is larger than others, indicating that they may have been well off.

She explained that only those that had money were able to set off for America because it was a costly endeavor. 
She explained the way the land was divided...equal portions for all the children. I had thought that it went to the eldest son.

More next time,


  1. I just love reading about your trip and can't wait to see the photos!!!!!!

  2. This is so cool to be able to connect the dots