Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A day to collect my thoughts!

My head is spinning with excitement!
Over the Moon!
Out of my House!
All sayings for happiness and excitement. 
Today I stayed home for a quiet day while Jonalee and Nathan went to France to see another shrine. I do like to see them but felt I could miss one. I have already had my feet in France and didn't feel that I needed to do that again right now. 
I have had so much excitement in the last few days with all of Jonalee's excitement with each shrine she sees, the new friend's we make, visiting with Christine, and getting to the village of my ancestors!
I needed a day to process. I started this blogging process. If I would have waited until I got home it would not have happened. If I had done it each day, I wouldn't have gotten any sleep! 
I worked on my stamping project that I brought along, played my games, did my email, got my order in for the new mini catalogs to be sent out, and just relaxed. 
When they got back, Jonalee was very excited as she had another great find! 
We went out for pizza for supper. 
We asked for one pepperoni and one Hawaiian one. They pointed to the pepperoni, which looked like jalapeño peppers, wondering if that is what we wanted. Not! We wanted salami! 
The bathtubs here are deep and difficult to get into and out off but nice for soaking and reading! 
I have been enjoying a nice relaxing bath each night. Makes for a very good night's sleep! 

The 25th anniversary of Ken's death. 
The plant from his funeral blessed us with a beautiful flower today. 
That plant hasn't bloomed in two years! 
Jon sent a picture...I don't have the plant with me! 

We packed sandwiches and we're off to BALEN.
Jonalee had an appointment with the custodian who is also on the historic committee and interested in the shrines. He met us and took us to the priests room and pointed up. There it was high above a cabinet! We never would have found this one without an appointment! 
He told Nathan to climb up and get it. I wondered if he was kidding. But he pulled a chair over to start the process. Nathan handed it to Jonalee and I believe I saw her glow!

She set it on the counter and took some pictures and measured it.
It is a small one 11 1/2" by 13 1/2"

He suggested that she take it in the other room where the light was better. 
There is that glow again!

While they were taking pictures the custodian told me about the altar I was looking at and how she, is a local saint. Most of the village churches have a saint from their area. 
 This is the shrine to St. Odrada.
It is off to the left side in this huge church.

The custodian's wife takes care of the flowers for the church and would be coming later in the day to finish the advent wreath.
This is the beginning of it.

Would like to see the finished product! 
Next we went to St. Leonard's Church. It was locked up and, although there were cars around, there were no people to be found. We walked through the cemetery, tried the bell on there closest house, and left. The sign said that they had service at 5:00 on Saturday. 
Front and side view

Back to the condo. Leftovers for supper. 


  1. I forgot: It's amazing that you have the plant after 25 years, it's gorgeous.