Friday, November 28, 2014

Travels Day four

I love European breakfast! 


After breakfast we headed for Kloster Ebstorf. We arrived there about 11:15. 
We were told that it was closed for the season and we couldn't see it. After awhile, and a little whining, we each used the toilet while the others continued chatting with this lady, who, we found out later, was the Abbes, the head one, of the Kloster. These Klosters were Catholic Convents before the reformation but are mostly Luthern Klosters now. She went to get someone that could speak English and proceeded to take us in and show us some of the things they have there.she wanted us to have "something" for our long journey. The one that spoke English, one of the Dames (Nun to the Catholic version) was very interested, personally, in the request that Jonalee had and would have gone up to dig it out of storage but the head one said no. Jonalee will have to write a formal request and may get pictures. 
On to the next stop. 
Along the way, we saw these small campers pulled off to the side of the road. They were painted with hearts on them and had red glow sticks hanging from the mirror in the front window.
Yes, and it is legal.  

About 2:00 we arrived at the Kloster in Walsrode. Jonalee had an appointment to meet someone there between 1:00 and 3:00. We went in and rang the bell on the building that looked like the main one. No one answered. We walked around. Saw this very interesting building.


We continued on an rang bells. We even went in the outer door and called "Hello!" quite loudly.
We went out the gate and met someone coming in but she didn't speak English and didn't know about an appointment. We went to the church. A young man, practicing the violin, didn't know either but directed us to the pastor. We rang his bell. Jonalee went back to the car to get the name of the person we were to meet. The pastor called her and she came to meet us. She was visiting with her cousin, Margaret, and her friend and the were having "too much fun" to hear our calls....we had been in the
right building. They have apartments in the large building so we would have had to ring her bell. She, and her cousin, are my new friends. We had a real good chat while Jonalee and Nathan took pictures! 
Margaret is a retired teacher so we had lots to chat about. 
Very good, and productive, stop. 

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We left about 4:00 and headed for Rheine.
We wanted to go to the same hotel that we stayed at last trip because of good memories. Sometimes you just can't go back! The hotel didn't answer the buzzer so we went to the restaurant. They had reservations until 10:00! They were very helpful in calling the hotel and we did get in but the memories were no longer true....the cost was way too much so we moved on, ate at MacDonald's and
asked the GPS to find us a hotel. This one was right in the center of town as we had to stay near the
train station last trip. 
We did find a hotel near by but they, too, were very expensive but he was so nice to call another place for us. We still had to take two rooms but it was about half the price. The rooms were nice, small, with a sink and shower. The toilet was just down the hall. Without the company of Jonalee and Nathan, I pulled out my project and stamped. Got a lot finished. 


We had a nice mini version of the breakfast buffet.
Off to Kloster Bentlage, another place we had good memories from last trip. This time we didn't have
to walk all the way in as when we took the bus. Nathan was able to drive in there.
We did walk around but the museum wasn't open and they were having a wedding there.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Travels Day three

We got on German time pretty quickly by staying up late last night and having an appointment to pick up the car at 10AM. 
We had a wonderful full breakfast. I forgot to take a pix but will get one another day. 
Another taxi to pick up the car. 

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We visited a beautiful castle/museum. They had many nice things but not the piece that Jonalee wanted to see. As we were leaving we checked out the gift shop. Jonalee picked up a book and flipped right to a page with a full color picture of the piece she is looking for and can't find. It says it is housed there. We tried the other building on the same site. The gal at the counter was really helpful and found that the prized piece was at one of the other sites of this museum. We changed our plans and headed for that site, Gustrow. Of course, it was the scenic route in the opposite direction. 

On arrival there Jonalee went to the museum, another castle, while Nathan and I went to the bank to change some money to Euros. One Euro equals $1.31 plus the fee $5.50 for the transaction. The price changes all the time. 
When we met up with Jonalee we found out that the piece is out for renovation! She did get to see several paintings in which she had interest also. 

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We drove on toward our next destination which was Ebstorf.
We followed the GPS to a hotel and had to pull over for several firetrucks. The fire was on the very street that we turned onto! Nathan turned around and we got out of there. On to the next hotel. We found a very nice one on a hill looking down on the place where the fire took place. It was dark then so we were looking forward to seeing the landscape in the morning. 
I had a delicious veggie platter with fries - yes they were nice and crispy. 
No tub. Nice hot shower. Cold floor. Good night's sleep. 

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My travels

Today my daughter, Jonalee, and her husband, Nathan, have gone off to France without me. My choice. I needed some time to clear/organize my thoughts. The last few days have been so amazing!
I tried to add a picture and my expertise doesn't allow that. I only have the iPad with me so I will leave spaces and edit them in when I get home. 
When I retired from teaching, four years ago, Jonalee and I went to Germany and Belgium for her to do research on reliquies from the Middle Ages.
Check at  She has blogged the whole trip and is currently adding to it.
When we return for the evening, I can't organize my thought enough to blog.
Today I am going to try to fill you in with my adventures!
Of course, Stampin' Up! has decided to have a great sale while I am gone so please check that out!
To get my train back on the track....
When I knew that we were coming here I told the person that had asked about getting German stamps that I thought I could do that if she still wanted them. She did. I used demo finder to locate a demo in Koblenz, Germany. In the first email I only asked if she could communicate with me in English. Sounds a lot like a scam!
She replied, "Yes."
I said I would like to order some stamps and she replied with the rules that you can't send them out of the country. I told her I knew those rules but I would pick them up. We wrote many emails and she helped us find a place to stay near her house and picked us up from the train station. It was the start of a life long friendship even though I was pretty sure we wouldn't meet, in person, again.
So, when Jonalee and Nathan invited me to accompany them this time........
Another order for Christine but, this time, I had a bed made in the corner of her stamp room. I had very pleasant dreams there.

I am known for taking the scenic route when I go almost every place. Getting to Chicago to fly was no different. Plan A was to ride with Dawn to Madison if Isabelle's blood count was good for her treatment. (Please say prayers for her, Dawn's daughter, as she is shortly out of surgery as I write this.) I was to be at Dawn's house at 6AM. Her count wasn't as it should be BUT she did have to go for another test later in the day. Bless Dawn and Isabelle, who left earlier than they had to to get me there in time. She took me to Jonalee and Nathan's house where we transferred the luggage. They had a little more and I had a little suitcase so we consolidated by having me take a larger suitcase that they had there. I had brought a family history book along to look at in the car but as long as we now had went along. This is VERY important later on!
Off to Darla's! (She is my other daughter) another transfer of luggage and off to the airport after a short visit with Darla and Jessica, who was home, sick, from school.
7PM we board the plane. All is going well!

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We are ready to go and the pilot tells of there will be a delay. Two and a half hours later we have take off. We did have a little to eat at the airport because we knew they were serving supper on the plane. Thank goodness!
It was 11:00 when we were served because of that delay. It was a delicious meal. I chose the chicken. The other choice was beef. It came with rice and veggies, a roll, crackers and cheese.
We were served breakfast about 3:00.
Cold cuts and cheese on a croissant with orange juice and water. Also either tea or coffee.

We had a short layover because of the delay in Chicago.
It figures! They had free wifi in the airport there.

We got some Euros, found out the price of a taxi, and got to our hotel.
I have had many types of taxi drivers but this one was a whole new type!
Now our clocks are six hours ahead of yours!
On our new time, it is 6:00PM and Jonalee's new friend (check her blog) picked us up, took us to their house, and fed us an awesome typical German meal!
Thank you Chris and Andy!
Pot roast with crisp edges, red cabbage, dumplings and gravy!
Chris and Jonalee have hobbies and interests that match really well!
It was a wonderful visit. Then Andy returned us to our hotel.

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Very good night's sleep!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Curvy Keepsake Box

Have you seen all the cute critters made with the Curvy Keepsake box?
They are all over! 
Do a search on Pinterest and you will be amazed at all the things you can do with that framelits die! 
Here is just one of the critters. 

Only a few were made at the Stamp Along though. 
Do you like 3D projects or would you rather just have cards? 
Please feel free to leave suggestions for me. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ornamental Pine and Winner

First of all the winner of the drawing from the comments
is Cindy! 
Sorry I didn't do the drawing before the Stamp Along. 
Cindy, I will have it at the next Stamp Along for you. Please remind me to give it to you. 
I have it packed already!
Who will be the winner for this month? 
Get your name in the drawing by leaving a comment between now and the next Stamp Along. 

These three cards are very similar. 
Can you see the differences? 
The one that will be coming to the next Stamp Along is a fourth version, not pictured, of this same card. 
If you think it looks familiar, it is. It was at the Stamp Along but there were only a few there so it will be back next time. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas packages! Oh, my!

Wednesday I went to a box making class!
What an adventure! 
Four, fun loving friends, and I were instructed to make these beautiful boxes. 
Our instructor had a lot of patience and did an awesome job teaching us the art of making these boxes! 
They are not difficult when done step by step but there are lots of steps! 

This one is made from kraft card stock with raffia and a pretty bow. 

This one is white card stock. It is a little lighter weight and was easier to fold. 
You can see the stamping on this one. I used the Ornamental Pine set on both of them. 

Here they are together.

Here you can see the top of my third box before it is decorated. 

This shows the inside of the cover and inside of the bottom. 
I love learning new techniques! 
Especially with friends! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Birds for Fall and Christmas - Stampin' Up! style

Wetlands is a very versatile set! 
Coupled with the new Four Feathers set, it makes a very nice birthday card. 
Do you agree?
Did you notice the Work of Art set adding the clouds behind the goose?

Cardinals and Christmas seem to go together! 
Using the Bird Punch, it is easy to make this pretty cardinal.
Add a bow with ribbon seam binding to a Daydream Medallions wreath and you have a 
beautiful Christmas card. 
This is one of my favorites this time. 
I cut lots. 
Let me know if I need to tie a bow for you. 

If you need supplies and are going to order on line.....Please use the hostess code
This code will be good until Monday the 10th of November 2014.
Using the code will link your order to the Stamp Along order.
Thank you!