Saturday, November 7, 2015

File Folder book class

 This special memory book is made from a file folder. 
Yes, one file folder and some card stock. 
Would you like to make one? 
I will be doing a class on it November 18th
at 1:00 at Schroeder's. 
The fee is $25.
I will have all of the supplies you need and they will be cut for you.
You will learn how to cut and assemble it so you can make more if you would like. 

This one is for Halloween. It is the one that I made when I took the class to learn how to make them.
You could make any theme that you would like once you know how to cut and fold your file folder. 

When you untie the ribbon and open it you have his section. 
There is lots of room to add photos and I will have several additions things that you can add.

Each of the above sections opens again. 
The top sections pull down and has space on both sides for your photos. 
The bottom one fold down and provide more spaces!
The one on the right has a pocket to slide in a small keepsake like a ticket. 

I still have some more work to do on this but I will need to know if you would like to make one by next Monday. This is the next project and I will start cutting the pieces on Tuesday. 
I will have a completed one for you to look at on Monday at the Stamp Along. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Lots of choices

Same fall scene in both of these but the cards are totally different. 
Which one do you like best?
Sure, you can make both of them if you would like. 

These two are the same up to the frame you choose to use.
Yes, I found parts left from other projects. 
There comes a time to use the parts and move them out! 
This was a good place to use them. 
This is such a beautiful set! I am sure that it is the one that I will use for my Christmas cards this year when I get around to making them. 
There will be one more using this same set at the SA. Maybe you will get a picture of it tomorrow. 

There will also be this choice of a New Year card for those of us the just don't get the Christmas ones finished in time to send. 
This one, also, will have choices. It is stunning in different colors. I will have several different colors available for you to choose. 

Here is one for those of you that like the putzy stuff. 
The cutting is so easy because of all the framelits. Just stamp them and run them through the Big Shot. Don't forget your dimensionals! They look so cute when they are raised off the card.

This one is quick and easy if you need a birthday card.
These little critters are so cute! 

Hope to see you on Monday! 
The hostess code for ordering this time is
Thank you to everyone that places orders. I can't do this without you!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

November Stamp Along

Another month has slipped away! 
Again, I have done many fun things but blogging wasn't one of them. 
But you already knew that! Right?
I have been getting some cards ready for the Stamp Along though.

Tis the season to be thankful! 
This is such a pretty script that I did this simple card for Thanksgiving. 
This is from the Six Sayings hostess set in the Holiday catalog. 
The pretty embossed border hardly shows up on the photo and the colors are off also! They are Delightful Dijon and Tangelo Twist. 

Sometimes it is nice just to say Thank You so I did some with the Layered Letters Alphabet on the same colors. The script sure does make a big difference! 

Of course there will be some Christmas cards available for you to make. 
Do you have your Christmas cards all made and ready to send? 

I finally used those antlers from the Wonderland set! 
I love the way it makes it look like the deer is peeking out of the forest. 

This is one that has a little "extra" to it. There are two inside pages and a different cut to the card. 
This is the front.

Here is the first opening. 

You will have to come to the Stamp Along next Monday to see the next opening! 
If you can't come but really want to see this card, place a $50 order on line (or send it to me by email) and I will send you one! 
If you are ordering on line please use the hostess code 
which will link your order to the SA order but send it directly to you. 
This code will only be good until 8 PM on Nov 9, 2015.
Thank you to all who order! I appreciate you so much! 
Have you been enjoying the little gift in with your order the last few months? 
Just wondering. 
Thanks for stopping by. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

It's been an amazing month!

Here are a few more cards that will be at the Stamp Along on Monday.

There is at least one cool technique on each of the above cards. I hope that you will enjoy making them on Monday. 

Following is a personal post about my amazing month.
It started with a visit from one of the Silver Stampers.
I belonged to this group many years ago and kept in touch with a few of the members.
The gal that took this picture of the group that got together to stamp at Pat's house is the one that came to visit. We had a wonderful time stamping and visiting! 

Next, Linda and I went on a crafting trip. We stayed at this cute little motel in northern Wisconsin. 


We stayed two nights and took three craft classes. We took some nice walks, met some nice people, and found a nice thrift store! It was very relaxing. I didn't have to cut and prepare anything! I love doing that but once in a while it is nice to have it done for me. 

This is the product of the button class. 
Linda's is the calico on the left and mine is the one that looks like our CT.

They were fun to do and I love how it turned out. 
We did several cards the second day.
The third class was a book made from a file folder. Very nice. I hope to do a class on one of these with a winter theme. Let me know if you would be interested. 

On the way home we went to Philips, Wisconsin and visited the Concrete Park. 
Very interesting! There are hundreds of these concrete creations! 

Then I did a party and prepped for the class with eleven cards from the Winter Wonderland Specialty paper from Stampin' Up! 

The class went well and I am doing it again on the 28th of October. If you are interested, I have openings for two more. It is at Schroeder's at 1:00. It includes the pack of Specialty paper and you have more than half of it left to use later.  The cost is $30. 

Next, I was off to a retreat in Northern Wisconsin with two friends. 

The camp is on a beautiful lake. It was cool so I didn't spend much time outside. 
The colors were beautiful on all of my "trips."

We went on a wagon ride to see the whole camp. Debbie is there next to me but all the others are "new" friends. It was a wonderful group of ladies. 

Another activity was a craft project. We painted boards and used leaves to print. i am happy with both of mine but will probably add some lettering to them at some point. Any suggestions?

Next, a trip across the state with five friends from our Red Hat group. We went in two cars as the bus was full and we still wanted to go! It worked out really well and was less expensive than it would have been on the bus. We boarded the paddle boat on the Mississippi River and had a wonderful lunch then went upriver to a set of locks. Nice trip! 

 If you have read this far, thank you joining me on a quick reminisce of my amazing month. 
Here is one more of the cards that I have prepared for the Stamp Along. 

Retirement is busy! But it is all fun! 
See you Monday! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stamp Along on Monday!

Where did the last month go? I have been out and about and having too much fun. 
I will tell you about some of it soon,,,,but not tonight!
Just wanted to get some of the cards for the Stamp Along posted so you can start thinking about which ones you want to make this time. 

These two are made from the Reason for the Season set. 
While one is a fall card and the other is Christmas, they could easily switch colors and sayings.

These two are definitely fall cards. The folder on the one on the right is a border that makes the saying in the center stand out on the card. 

If you  aren't able to attend the Stamp Along this time and are in need of some of the products I've used on these cards, please email your order to me or order on line and use the hostess code to link it to the Stamp Along order. 
The hostess code this time is:
i will try to get some more cards on here tomorrow. 
Thanks for stopping.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Awesomely Artistic. We still need Thinking of You and Birthday cards.

This set is awesome! 
This card will be at the Stamp Along. 
I have another one, more detailed ready for Joanne's party on Sept 30. 
This could also be a birthday card. (Thinking of you, Diane!)
This one is really quite easy to make since you use sponges and daubers for the coloring. 

I couldn't resist showing you another one from the new catalog. 
If the broom fits.......

If you NEED any of the products from the new catalog and can't wait until the Stamp Along, 
please use the hostess code 
so it links in with the SA order.
Thank you so much for doing that!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Halloween Cards for Stamp Along

Do you send Halloween cards? 
I love Halloween but don't send many cards. 
I love the fall colors and the cute critters that go with the fall season. 
These are two of the cards that will be at the September Stamp Along. 
There are some awesome die cut spider web doilies in the Holiday catalog. page 47.
I removed the centers so one doily could be used for two cards. 
Why cover the center? Cut it out and use it to overlay that moon on the other card! 
There are some great dies in this catalog also! 
That window cuts out in a flash through the Big Shot. The owl, or is that a bat? and the cute accesories that go with it are also die cuts. 
And the Folder that makes the trees that have spaces for all the little stamps that go with it! 
How cute is that?

Then there is the cute fall scene!
That one had to be used on two cards because it is just too cute! 
The fall season is just too short! 

And that window! 
Yup! That one has to do double duty also!

It is easy to make Christmas cards this year! 
There are so many cute stamps and the weather has been cooler. 
Are you going to be making Christmas ones already? 
I will have non Holiday cards for Birthday and Thinking of You there also. 

Here is one more with the tree folder. 
The trees don't show up on the photo but they are there and they have the ornaments hanging from the  branches. 

You will need some of these cool new toys! Come to the Stamp Along and get free shipping on your order. I will also have some discontinued items there so you can pick one with your $50 order.
If you don't need any of them for your own, just come and use mine. 
I love to have you come and stamp with me!
Which one of these is your favorite?