Friday, May 6, 2016

Spring has Sprung


My flowers are blooming.

Our new curtains are hung. 
I have had the fabric for, at least, two years and finally made them. 
Remember that eleven day trip that I didn't take? 
This is what I have been doing instead. 
Our kitchen windows are different sizes so it takes a little extra "thinking" when crafting a "pair" of curtains. I am very pleased with the result though. 

Here is a close up of the pattern and my rosary plant. 

Of course, you can't, or shouldn't, hang new curtains without washing the windows! 
So the windows are washed, too! 

The ducks are back and enjoying the pond. 

The critters are out and every once in awhile they have an accident. 
Saturday, one of the little guys fell in the pond. He was lucky that Jon saw him just in time.
Jon alerted me to "bring a scoop" so I went out to see why the scoop was needed and got the little guy out of the water...he was paddling like crazy...and he just lay there like a stiff brick. 
Off I ran to get supplies and got him to emergency care. 
This is when he has already warmed up enough to move. 
Poor little guy was so cold and stiff that he didn't move at all for about ten minutes. After awhile on the heating pad he came out from under the towel. 

After an hour, he was feeling much better and started to clean his whiskers and his fur. 
Back to the pond area and off with the cover. 
He was ready! He hopped out and took off in a hurry. 

Off to the neighbor's yard.

But he didn't go into the cover of his home. 
He stayed out there long enough to say thank you. 

He was also out there sunning himself on Sunday. 

Flowers are blooming on the cards also.
This one is made using the set from the last Paper Pumpkin. 
There are some really nice stamp sets with the Paper Pumpkin! 
Can you see the difference on the two cards? 
Leave a comment, mentioning the difference and you may win a prize.
I have lots of "prizes" here as I am going through many of my "supplies." 

Another blooming flower!

Hope to see you at the Stamp Along on Monday! 
I will have some "show and tell" from the Sayner Convention in northern Wisconsin for you. 
This is not a Stampin' Up! event but a very nice little convention that I have been going to for several years. I will be missing my travel partner and helper this year. I am doing a presentation in the Round Robins this year. 

Please use the hostess code 
if you are ordering on line.
Thank You! 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Whole Month!???

I can't believe that it has been a whole month since I have written and shared some cards with you!
Here are a few that will be available at the Stamp Along on Monday at the Library.
The botanical builders is not on the retired list but if you want this wonderful set, it would be wise to get it as a bundle now. There is so much you can do with this set!

The specialty DSP on page 31 of the Occasions 2016 catalog will be gone with the next catalog.
On this card, I have used the marker to change the look of the DSP.

This window card used the DSP that was a free choice during SAB.
The scene in the window is also on the retired list. It is on p 21 of the Occasions catalog.

The World of Dreams set that I used on this Quick and Easy card is also retiring. I am very sad to have this one leave. It is one of my favorites.

I have been busy doing other things beside stamping this past month.
I was supposed to go on a rather long trip (eleven days) but my travel partner had a set back with her cancer returning so we couldn't go.
Imagine how far behind I would be if I had gone!
I am going to be gone this weekend so must have the Stamp Along prepared before I leave on Friday morning!
There are a few more cards ready for you beside these four. I will show you more tomorrow.

If you wish to order on line,  please use the hostess code
that is good until the night of the Stamp Along on May 9th.
Thank you!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Stamp Along on Monday

Here are a few more choices that will be at the Stamp Along at the Library on Monday the 11th of April. With the weather we have been having, I feel like I should have some Christmas cards there. 
 Not this time. 
There will be some Mother's Day ones available though. 

This card could be used for many different occasions. 

I saw a similar card on the internet and experimented with stamping and sponging on different color card stock. This is one of my favorite sets right now. It makes such a nice thinking of you card. 
Which one do you like better? I will have both of them available. 
Hope to see you on Monday.

The Hostess code for your on line order until Monday night is 
Thank you for using it when you place an order on line. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Many things on Clearance

Many things have been added to the Clearance rack at Stampin' Up! 
If you click on the crab to the right you will be able to see both the Clearance rack and the weekly deals. The things on clearance are first come and when they are gone; they are gone! 
You can shop on line and have them shipped directly to you but the minimum postage is $6.95 so, if your order is less than $70, I can save you postage by putting your order together with others. You do take the chance that they may be sold out though by the time that I have enough orders to put together. Email me to check. This only works if you live in my neighborhood or if we see each other often. If you order on line, please use the hostess code 
The weekly deals are good this week also! 
The dies cuts to make these wonderful rose cards is one of the items there this week.
It will still be there on Monday for the Stamp Along. If you are coming to the Stamp Along, you can order it there and get free shipping with your participation in the Stamp Along.

This card will not be one of the choices at the Stamp Along but I do plan to do a class using the rose set in May. There are so many neat things to do with this set that it requires a class. 
Are you interested? 

Here are some more cards that will be choices at the Stamp Along.
This one has a pop up inside that will have the number for the birthday. 
It would make a cute kid's card for almost any age. 
You can place those animals a lot better than I did! What was I thinking? 
Please don't answer that one! 

This one is for a spring Anniversary....if spring decides to come this year!
These flowers are from the same bundle as the numbers that will be used for the pop up in the above card. See the set on page 11 in the Occasions 2016 catalog. 

Did you know that there are some sets that are not in the catalog? They are all photopolymer ones and can be found on the SU! site. It is in the same place as the clearance and weekly deals but farther down where it says "stamps." After you go to stamps, you go to photopolymer and you can look through all of the sets. This is one of those sets and will be retiring in May. The card nest to it is one that will be at the Stamp Along. If you are interested in this cute/sassy set, you can still order it.

I will have some more choices for the Stamp Along to show you but that's enough for now. 
Go check out that Clearance rack! 
Hope to see you on Monday!
Don't forget to leave a comment.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Is it Spring yet?

It is snowing and blowing out there tonight! 
Too cold for flying a kite but I have hopes. 
This card is using the Hearth and Home Thinlets and the Happy Home stamp set. 
It is one of the choices for the April Stamp Along next Monday at the Library.
Are you hoping for kite flying weather soon? 

Here is a cute card done with one of the free sets that many of you got during SAB.
I have decided to continue to use some of these sets so you can get more ideas for them if you have the set or just to use it at the Library if you didn't choose that set for one of your own. 

It also uses the Work of Art set for the background. 
Here is the inside using the Sassy Salutations set.

If you place an order at the Stamp Along, you will receive free shipping. 
If you would like to order and can't make it to the Stamp Along, please use the hostess code
as that will link your order to the workshop from the Stamp Along. 
Thank you! 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of my blog followers!
I hope that the whole Easter season (Easter to Pentecost) is filled with blessings for you!

I used the filter paper to make the "wool" for the little lamb. 
Do you remember, in grade school, taking tissue paper and ripping it in small pieces, putting it over the eraser on a pencil, dipping it in paste, and putting it on a sheet of paper to make a picture? 
That is basically how this is done but with a little more precision than we used in grade school! 
I sponged the embossed part of the folder for the front. 
I used the baby wipe technique for the cross on the inside. I took four of the subtle color refills and dropped some on a baby wipe to make a multicolored ink pad. 
The saying on the inside comes with the lamb but I cut it and mounted it separately so it is more versatile. 

Here is another Easter card. 
This one was made using the Work of Art set. 

I used the brayer, with a very light touch to color the embossed part of this folder. 
The color used gives the whole card a different "feel" to it. 
Which one do you like the best? 

SAB is almost over! 
This makes me happy and sad at the same time. 
What do you like about this sale that SU! has for us? 
This is the last week! Your last chance to get the free item of your choice from the SAB book with a $50 order. 
I will be putting in one last order during SAB. If you NEED anything right now.....
I am close to a goal and a few more sales might get me there. 
You can email an order to me before 6:00PM on Wednesday, March 30th if there is something you would like me to order for you. 
If you would like to order on line, please use the hostess code
If you choose the "no contact" option there is no way that I will know that you are the one that placed the order and I won't be able to thank you for it. 
Thank you to the ones that have done that in the past. 
I appreciate each and every order placed on my site! 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Layer or not?

Even though it looks like there is some layering on this card there isn't.
The trick is to draw the line behind the flower and words to make it look like they are sitting on the layered piece that isn't actually there.
Do you like the one on white or the one on yellow the best?
There will also be a vanilla choice.
You can choose to make this card at the Stamp Along on Monday the 14th at the Lester Library starting at 1:00.
Hope to see you there. 

The hostess code to use for on line orders is:
Thank you to all of you that place orders on line and use the code. 
I appreciate it so much!
This is the last month to get the SAB free items with a $50 order. 
The metallic tape is pretty nice! I will have some at the Stamp Along for you to check out. 
Don't forget to leave a comment. 
You can't win if your name isn't in there. 
Yes, I many times draw a name from those that have left a comment during the month and they get some little reward.