Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 
Happy Holidays!
Or just 
Best wishes to you,
My very special blog readers! 
Especially those of you that let me know that there really are people out there that are reading my blog by leaving a comment now and then! 
Thank you!
I wish many blessings for all of you in the year of 2018!

The hostess code until January 8, 2018 is

Check out the clearance rack as it has been updated. 
Thank you!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

FREE Shipping on Dec 11.

Stampin' Up! is giving free shipping on December 11! 
That means that I will pay your tax for you if you participate in the Stamp Along! 
What a deal!
Check the clearance and the retired lists also. 
If you are ordering on line, please use the hostess code


and get your order in before 8 PM. 
If you are emailing your order because you can't make it to the Stamp Along, 
please get it to me by 8 PM. 
Everyone gets free shipping. 

Here are a few more choices for the Stamp Along.

Sometimes we need a Happy New Year card so I have a few of those also. 

Happy New Year to all of you, my blog readers!

Thank you!

Friday, December 8, 2017

More Stamp Along cards

With the change in the weather we need our mittens!
Aren't these little mittens cute?
Which ones do you like the best?
Green or Red?

The cat watching the fish could be a cute note or birthday card.

But there will be lots of Christmas cards available as well.
Here are a few more. 

Which ones will you be making? 

The hostess code for now is 

Thank you!
Hope to see you on Monday!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December Stamp Along Cards and Vacation

Just a quick note to show you a few of the cards for the December Stamp Along next week!
These two, although very different, are made using the same die cut. 
I love when you can use the same die in several different ways, don't you? 
Come and make one or both!

This one is for those of you that like to color.

I needed a baby card so designed this one and thought you might like to make one also.
It is done using the eclipse technique. 

I was gone all last week so am running behind with the cards. 
I took a bus trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and saw lots of fabulous shows! 
They were all so good! 
Here are some of the highlights

The Dixie Stampede.  This was a dinner show.


Here you can see how we are seated with a shelf in front of us, on which they serve the meal. 

The Titanic Museum was very interesting.

This was our guide and she was fantastic!

Taking a ride on the sky lift was an option in Gatlinburg.

I stayed on the ground and took pictures. 
They said the sights from up there were great and could see the fire damage. 
These are my travel buddies for this trip. Nancy and Marie.

Another place, right in Pigeon Forge, that we visited was the Old Mill.
Fabulous restaurant there!

Another stop was the Bush Bean Factory.

Another stop.

We also went to Dollywood where we saw several more shows and took a nice little train ride.

Dolly Parton took part in the show via screen. 

A sight from the train.

This huge Ferris Wheel was another ride that I declined to ride. 

On the way home, one of our stops was at the Mary Todd Lincoln House. 
Another very interesting stop.

More card pictures when I have them ready!

The hostess code for this month is 

Thank you!
Hope to see you on Monday.
You can have a sneak peek of the new catalog there.
I just ordered one for you so if you place an order on Monday, I will have them to put one in with your order with it arrives here.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so Thankful for all of you, my blog readers!
Thank you for your comments.
Thank you for trying the cards that I post for your inspiration!
Thank you for your orders!

The On Stage SU! event was fabulous...again!
I got to walk across the stage three times this year. 
Some of you saw my pins from the last 20 years at the Stamp Along last week and the added banners on my name tag. SU! is very good at acknowledging our achievements.
My three stage walks were for recruits, sales, and length of time!

This one was for recruits.
Thank you to all that joined my team this year!

The shirt that I am wearing on these pictures was a gift that we received at the CenterStage event the evening before when they also pampered us with a wonderful entertainer and a delicious meal!

This on was for 20 years with SU! 
We line up on one side of the stage behind the number of year sign. 
This staff guy was having as much fun as we were having his picture taken with each of us. 

Then I was able to do this walk with my California friend.
I think this one was for the number of flex points (based on sales) I earned. 
Thank you all that placed orders with me! 

This is me with my two downline that went with me and two of our California friends. 
It is so much fun to meet up with friends that we have met in years past.


These are new friends from this year. 
I walked to lunch with them and we spoke just a little on the way but on the way out, they congratulated me for the walks on the stage. 
Yes, the crab hat goes with me each time so I can be found when I am lost or am saving seats for us. 
It is always a good conversation piece! 
I am usually asked, at least once each trip, if I am from Maine. 
"No, it is because I am a real Crabb!" is my answer and that usually leads to a picture with them. 

This is when I won the prize patrol. Many of us win at the same time and is determined by the color and number of our pin that we are given at check in time. 

Thank you to all of you for being a part of my journey. 
I wouldn't be going to these events without your support!

Check out the Extravaganza that is going on this week for some great sales.
If you wish to place an order, please use the hostess code unless your order is over $150. Orders over $150 qualify for the hostess benefits! 
The hostess code until December 11th is:


Monday, November 6, 2017

Merry Patterns

Did you get this Stamp Set in October? 
It was a special promo and I will be getting rid of mine so if you are interested in it you can put your name in for a drawing with your order at the Stamp Along or by using the Hostess Code on your on line order this week. 
The Hostess Code to use is 

Here is the card that will be available this time using that set. 
The one last month showed how you can use it for a birthday rather than Christmas card. This one could also be a birthday one. 
There might be some hunters that would object to the deer wearing a sweater though. 

This one is a pretty quick and easy one that has an elegant look to it. 
It has some of the peel and stick gold tape that I have across the bottom but isn't showing on the photo. The tree is also cut from gold. Picture doesn't do it justice at all.

I hope to get a few more ready for you before I have to pack up and leave but know that I won't have time to take their pictures and get them posted. 
I hope to see you at the Stamp Along on the 13th! 
Happy stamping until then. 
I will be thinking of you when I am stamping at the SU! event! 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Happy November and Stamp Along cards

Happy November!
This month is going to be a quick one for me. 
On Wednesday, I will be flying to Salt Lake City to attend the Stampin' Up! On Stage Event. 
That means that I won't be able to post cards that will be available at the Stamp Along on several different days this month. 
I need to have everything packed and ready to go out the door by Tuesday night! Yikes!
I will be home late Sunday night. 
I may be more confused than usual on Monday at the Stamp Along. 
I will try to pack my swap cards so I can grab them to bring with me so you can look through them. 
I didn't have time to make many but hope I get some great ideas to share with you. 

Do you send cards for Thanksgiving?
This would be good for that or any fall note.

This one would also be good for anyone for whom you are thankful this month or anytime!
You, my stamping friends and customers, are definitely on my list! 
I wouldn't be doing this if not for you! 

This little owl was on Pinterest and has been calling to me for a long time. 
I FINALLY got around to doing it!
Not nearly as hard to make as I thought it would be. 
I hope you will enjoy making it. I have Wink of Stella on the eyes but maybe they need bling? 
What do you think? 

Another Fall/Thanksgiving card.

Of course, Christmas is coming and, if you don't have your cards ready to go already there are several for you to do and get a few finished. 
This one is Labor intense and I didn't cut a lot because of the different size of card stock. I am asking to please make only one. If you want more than one, let me know and I will bring it back again in December for you. 
It has a different fold and stand as a scene rather than a card. 

This one is very similar to one I did last year but it is pretty enough to make a reappearance.
I had this card stock that is edged with silver and thought this was the perfect place to use it. 

Need a card for a teacher?
This chalk board would work well. 
I know I would love to get one like this! The cat is a bonus! 
It stands like a easel when it is open. 

I will post once more with a few more of the Christmas cards I have ready for you.
I hope that you are able to join me at the Library on the 13th. I hope you don't get over anxious and want to go on the 6th. I always feel like it should come sooner when it is so late in the month! 

The hostess code until the Stamp Along is 


Thank you to all of you that order on line and use the hostess code. 
I do appreciate you and your orders! 

Friday, October 6, 2017

More Stamp Along cards

These two use a masking technique that makes them look a lot more layered than they are. 
Both are very quick and easy to make.

This one is also quick and easy.
This is the last chance for the fall cards. 
The fall colors don't seem to have peaked yet but by the next Stamp Along we won't be wanting the fall ones anymore, right? 

This is a "brighter" card.

This one, that will also have a Christmas version, is much more "labor intense" than the quick and easy ones above but there are die cuts for them so you don't have to fussy cut. 

Hope to see you on Monday at the Library. 

The hostess code from now until the October Stamp Along (Oct 9) is 
Thank you to all of my customers that order on line and use the code!!