Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More on the Homeland

After we were finished in the museum/school the Mayor pointed out the teacher's house at the bottom of the hill. The teacher usually roomed with one of the families or had a flat/apartment. This one had married the Mayor's daughter and got a whole house! 

That's Nathan standing on the steep hill.

Next, we went to the church, also up on that hill.

The alter is beautiful but not the style of a little village. She told us the story of how some of the men from the village found this altar that had been thrown out of a church when they were getting rid of the statues and "idols" during the reformation. They recognized it as valuable and brought it home on a small cart. 

These two statues are wood carvings and are from the 1600's

They are on opposite sides of the church about half way back.

Outside they have a monument to World War soldiers. 

We moved the wreath aside so we could read the names.

Next, we walked around the village. She pointed out some of the homes of the relatives that still live there. We walked past Peter's house and he was in the garage washing his car. I did get to meet him. 
There sure is a strong resemblance to the relatives that I know!
Carolee, Peter Weber, Mayor Monika Korden

There is a famous race track that is huge. So huge that Herschbroich and a few other villages are located in the center part of the track! In order to get to these villages you either go over the track or under the track. Very interesting!

Heading down the hill from the Mayor's house.
Peter Weber's house is down there.

This house is one of the oldest ones in the village.

Side view of that house.

Back at her house. She offered us tea and cookies and cake. The walk was brisk/cold. 
It hit the spot and the cookies were delicious! 
She gifted me with a book from the 800 year celebration of the village!

A view of the countryside.

What a wonderful day! 

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