Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jonalee's Treasure!

Jonalee had an appointment at 11:00 with a textile expert, Freida, in Mechelen where they are cleaning and renovating the shrines that we saw on our last trip. Now, she was able to see them without the glass and in the beginning stages of renovation. There was also a young gal, Hannah, there to meet with Freida. She is doing her thesis on the flowers and how they were made. She and Jonalee really hit it off with comparing books and information. One of the important people at the museum, Wim, was also there. He was the one that sent Jonalee some of the very first pictures she was able to obtain on the shrines. All of them were exchanging information and theories on the shrines and how and why they were made. It was so interesting. 

Freida, Wim, Jonalee, and Hannah

Since the shrines are being renovated they aren't able to be pictured. 

We ate our sandwiches and headed on to Melsbroch.

Many of the houses in Belgium are like these. They share the walls with the one next door. 


When we got there the church was open but no one was around. The shrines there are different than the ones that Jonalee is studying but they are also interesting and she photographed them anyway. They are made with skulls.  I like the Paradise Garden ones better! 

The cemetery at this church was very interesting and much more elaborate than any of the others that I had seen. It was on all three sides of the church and there were all kinds of flowers and pictures on the graves. There were also sections for cremations. 

Back to the condo. We went out to a Turkish Restaurant. I had a very good meal of salad, chicken, and french fries. 
When we went back, I stamped while I did the laundry. Got the coloring on my Christmas cards finished. 
Hot bath, games, email, and bed!

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