Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Museum at Herschbroich

I just realized that I didn't share some of the really neat things in the School house museum. 
This is the room just as you come in where you can see the model of the village way at the back. 
There are some very old books on the shelf on the left and some of the old desks. 

In the room off to the left there was an old wood cook stove. 
One of the sections was a waffle iron. It is so much like the ones that they have at Breakfast Buffets that it is unbelievable! 

This is the bottom side. 

The top has the recipe for the waffles right in the mold. 
No misplacing that!

A few other neat pieces.
The iron. The pressure cooker. The berry picker. 

The next room, behind the kitchen items, had some other interesting pieces.
The sewing machine. 
The planter.

 Since I am posting this way after the visit.....
I went to find some of my personal treasures and am sharing them also. 
 This one is a prayer book that may well have been in that church and school in Herschbroich. 
The first entry in the inside cover is from before they came to America. 
Several of the first pages are missing so I don't have the copyright date. 

 These are a few of the beautiful prayer cards in the book.

One of the pictures included in the book. The stains show that the book was well used. 

Inside back cover and some more of the cards. 

Another of the books that I have from the family.
This one is a song book. 

 This is one that he must have used to help to learn English. 
The copyright is 1865 so they were already in America at the time he was using this one.

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  1. That's definitely where the waffle recipe should be!!! Love all of your old books and cards, what a treasure.