Thursday, December 18, 2014

Close to the end of the trip

Jonalee has seen all the shrines and our week at the condo is complete.
This is the condo and some pictures of the area.

This is the building in which we stayed.
I took this from the parking area.

Here you can see the beautiful view past our building.

And out to the left. 

This is the other side and Nathan and Jonalee on our balcony.

And the view beyond.

This is looking up the hill toward that first building.

The entrance.

It is a beautiful area for hiking. I planned to go for a walk the day I stayed there to collect my thoughts. Perhaps that would have happened, had it been a nice sunny day.

We checked out on Saturday and headed off to Lier, Belgium to see the Zimmer Bell Tower. 
The huge clock was constructed for the Brussels World Exposition in 1935. 
It went to the World's Fair in New York in 1938. Now it has its home in Lier.

This was taken from the back seat but shows the narrow streets and thick traffic.
Nathan did an excellent job of driving on all kinds of roads and getting us to all the neat places we were able to visit.

The Clock Tower.

Jonalee at the front door.

Jonalee and Nathan across the street with the Tower in the background.

We went inside the tower where there are many interesting things about Zimmer and the workings of the clock. 
There were three floors of interesting things. 
These figures jump on the hour and show the gravitational pull on all the planets by the height of the jump. 

This shows the inner workings of the clock.

After that tour we walked around the city.
Lots of interesting sites.
So many of the buildings that we were seeing are older than our country!

After this city we headed back to that church that was closed the day before.
St. Leonard's.
They were having a service at 5:00 on Saturday so we knew that they would be open. It wasn't out of the way for us so we decided to try again.
Another beautiful church.

Another shrine to photograph.

Off to the hotel near the airport we go! 


  1. So neat to see all of the old buildings, churches, cobblestone streets, and more. Thanks for sharing. What wonderful memories you have!

  2. I especially like the picture of Nathan & Jonalee on the balcony. The clock tower is very cool. I really like the jumping girls as well. Thanks so much for sharing.