Sunday, November 30, 2014

Visit with my German demo

Sunday morning we headed for 
And my stay with Christine. You read the background for this in My Travels post. 
It was like no time had passed at all when we arrived at their house. They welcomed us in and put my luggage aside and headed off to church. It was a short walk away. The church was very different from the ones that we have been visiting. It is quite small and very modern.

We held our song books and pretended to sing along. The highlights of the homily were given to me by Christine on the way home.
Her husband, Achim, had a wonderful dinner for us when we got back. There was a pork roast and the baked potatoes that I requested because they were so good last time. There were also several veggies and gravy. Excellent! 
Then we all got into two cars for our sight seeing tour. Jonalee and Nathan wanted to leave right from the castle rather than coming back to the house. 
No elevator at the castle! 
We started up the hill. Then there were steps. Many steps! 
The steps ended but the steep path continued. And continued. I stopped to catch my breath several times.

 Of course, Christine and I were chatting all the while. Hey, we haven't seen each other for four years! 
Finally, we reach the castle. It is cold and windy up there.

Christine bought the tickets for the tour. 
We needed to wait for the guide so we chatted and took pictures. Pictures are not allowed once we got inside the castle. 

Christine and Achim

Christine, Achim, Julia, Janina

Janina, Julia, Carolee

When we got inside we had to put huge, one size fits all, slippers over our shoes to protect the floors. It was fun to watch the whole group "skate" around. 
I could understand the guide but she sounded interesting. 
We did have a written guide in English but, true to life, I wasn't always on the right page. 
Then went around the gardens, the chapel and down the hill. 
You would think that down would be easier but when it is that steep you have to be careful that your body doesn't go faster than your feet. No, I didn't fall!
Jonalee and Nathan left for the condo and I went home with Christine and family.
More tomorrow! 

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