Thursday, November 27, 2014

Travels Day three

We got on German time pretty quickly by staying up late last night and having an appointment to pick up the car at 10AM. 
We had a wonderful full breakfast. I forgot to take a pix but will get one another day. 
Another taxi to pick up the car. 

Nathan and Jonalee

We visited a beautiful castle/museum. They had many nice things but not the piece that Jonalee wanted to see. As we were leaving we checked out the gift shop. Jonalee picked up a book and flipped right to a page with a full color picture of the piece she is looking for and can't find. It says it is housed there. We tried the other building on the same site. The gal at the counter was really helpful and found that the prized piece was at one of the other sites of this museum. We changed our plans and headed for that site, Gustrow. Of course, it was the scenic route in the opposite direction.
On arrival there Jonalee went to the museum, another castle, while Nathan and I went to the bank to change some money to Euros. One Euro equals $1.31 plus the fee $5.50 for the transaction. The exchange rate changes daily. 
When we met up with Jonalee we found out that the piece is out for renovation! :-(  She did get to see several paintings in which she had interest though. 

Jonalee heading into the museum.


This is the back part.

We drove on toward our next destination which was Ebstorf.
We followed the GPS to a hotel and had to pull over for several firetrucks. The fire was on the very street that we turned onto! Nathan turned around and we got out of there. On to the next hotel. We found a very nice one on a hill looking down on the place where the fire took place. It was dark then so we were looking forward to seeing the landscape in the morning. 
I had a delicious veggie platter with fries - yes they were nice and crispy.

This is a map showing where we were.
It was foggy in the morning so we weren't able to see down the hill where the fire took place.
No tub. Nice hot shower. Cold floor. Good night's sleep.

This is a typical breakfast.
Some are larger and some served right at you table. Usually, they contain cold cuts, orange juice, rolls and bread, boiled eggs, cereal, milk, coffee, tea, yogurt, and fruit.

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