Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ornamental Pine and Winner

First of all the winner of the drawing from the comments
is Cindy! 
Sorry I didn't do the drawing before the Stamp Along. 
Cindy, I will have it at the next Stamp Along for you. Please remind me to give it to you. 
I have it packed already!
Who will be the winner for this month? 
Get your name in the drawing by leaving a comment between now and the next Stamp Along. 

These three cards are very similar. 
Can you see the differences? 
The one that will be coming to the next Stamp Along is a fourth version, not pictured, of this same card. 
If you think it looks familiar, it is. It was at the Stamp Along but there were only a few there so it will be back next time. 


  1. I love the pine cone stamps. So simply elegant.

  2. Love that set and the 1st card is my fave.

  3. I love this card, as Diane stated, so simple yet so elegant....

  4. Love this stamp set--Beautiful cards.

  5. I love this stamp set, and I loved the card at the last stamp along... would love to see any more ideas using it.