Sunday, November 30, 2014

A treasure from Christine

When we returned from the castle tour Achim built a fire in the fireplace and we all visited and exchanged the many gifts we had for each other.
We got to talking about ancestors.
She knew that we were going to go to the village that mine came from in Germany.
She pulled up the family name on the computer. 
We picked one with a first name that is common in my family and she called him! 
He didn't sound very interested and said that someone else had come but we aren't related. 
When she translated the conversation with him, I remembered that another cousin had come here to visit and told me they had spoken with this man. 
Christine then brought up the home page for the village and saw that the Mayor had a personal email address. She sent an email.
Not much later, we had a reply.
By this time we are in her stamp room and chatting about our passion - stamping! 
The Mayor, Monika, was interested! 
A few more emails.
I was going to meet with her on Tuesday after J and N picked me up.
Remember that book that came along because there was room in the suitcase?
It is at the condo.
There is info in it that I want to send to the Mayor!
I emailed Jonalee and waited.
Then I messaged her on FB.
Nathan sent a pix of the pages I had asked for but wasn't sure they were the right ones.
Before I could answer, my iPad was ringing! FaceTime!
He resent the one that I wanted to send to the Mayor.
No wonder Jonalee loves him. He is so thoughtful.
We sent the page to the Mayor and Christine was afraid that I was going to wish the next day away with my excitement about the family history.
Nope! That was for Tuesday and I still had time with her.
Her daughter's each have a craft thing coming up at their schools so I had cut several of those cute little reindeer that I posted. I worked on putting those together while Christine worked on a project she had to donate to the cause.
Again, I stayed up too late.
No alarm was set and I slept so well that Christine got a lot of work done right in the next room and I never heard a sound until I woke up at 9:30!
We had breakfast and went back to our projects.
She made a potato cake for lunch. Very good. It reminded me of potato pancakes.
She cooked some apples to go with it. Yum!

The girls came home from school and we ate together.
They did their homework then we headed downtown for the Christmas Market.
It was a nice forty minute walk. All down hill. Some was quite steep but not a bad as the castle path.
No worry. I knew we were going to be picked up by Achim.
The lights were beautiful.

This tall tree was in the Mall.
Janina, Christine, and Julia

 Carolee and Christine

There was an ice skating rink there and the little ones had these cute little penguins to keep them steady. 

There were booths for many crafts and food and they were all so pretty.

The big banner over the street.

Janina and Julia were so much fun to be with for the evening.

I said good bye to the family before they went to bed as they would be off to work and school the next morning when Jonalee and Nathan came back to collect me. 

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