Saturday, November 29, 2014

Travels Day five

While we were at Kloster Bentlage I took some pictures through the window of the Kaus Hack sculptures exhibit that was advertised.

This one was taken out of the back window of the car.
Many of the roundabouts have sculptures in the middle. This is just one of the many I saw.

About 10:00 we were off to

Here they are at work. There are two large side altars with three of the shrines in each one.  

The wood carved altars are so beautiful! This one had an organ way up on the wall.

Another wood carved altar. This is the hanging statue right in front of the altar.

Side view of the hanging statue. It is Mary holding Jesus. There is one view facing the front and another facing the back. 

This is one that we visited on our last trip. The tour guide at that time told Jonalee not to take pictures close up. This time...the custodian had to leave and told us he would be locking up but would be back in ten minutes and we should just keep taking pictures!

Had we arrived a little later than we did, he would have been gone and the church would have been locked! We have been blessed with timing the visits.

About 12:30 we left there for

We had also visited this one last time and the church was being renovated then so many things were covered with tarps. We did find one small shrine at that time.

The shrine on the right is the center panel under the picture on the altar in the picture on the left.

The other, larger one was out from behind the tarp now. The church is big and beautiful.
These churches are so old and yet they are so clean and beautiful because they are so well cared for here.
This large altar had three shrines in that bottom panel.
It was rather dark and hard to photograph in this part of the church.

We were supposed to arrive at the condo about 6:00. The GPS had a different idea! I wondered why it was taking us on such a scenic route but figured the roads were better that way. We are staying in a forested park area and there are many narrow winding roads to get here. When we had reached our destination, Nathan went into the gas station to ask where we needed to go to register and they told him we were in Luxembourg! Jonalee and I both got out to be able to have our feet on Luxembourg soil! Nathan reprogrammed the GPS and we arrived at our real destination about 8:00.
We checked in then went to a nearby restaurant and had a typical German meal. This is the one you probably saw on FB.

 They had very cute wood sculptures for sale.

We got settled in and I repacked to go to Christine's. I wanted to take only the things I needed there.
I had a nice hot bath, wifi, full tummy, comfy bed and stayed up too late!
Excellent night's sleep even with my excitement for the next day!

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