Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Fourth! Paper Pumpkin and Christmas in July!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! 
I am giving thanks for all that have given so much to ensure our continued freedom. 

The Paper Pumpkin Kit for June was an excellent one with its pinwheels in the Red, White, and Blue. 
We got together last Saturday and constructed our kits. What fun! 
I took some paper plates and patriotic napkins along and we used them to make a base for the pin wheels in the kit. 
We also made lots of pin wheels and put some of them in a vase for a centerpiece. There are still lots of supplies left for another project. There are cello bags for treats and little clips for cards but they will come out at another time as I chose to just go with the pin wheels. 
If you would like to give the Paper Pumpkin a try....
You can now get a prepaid subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months and it counts for sales on your party! 
Check out the June 23 post or contact me for more details. 

This is one of the Christmas cards that will be available at the Stamp Along on the 14th. 

It is always hard to think about Christmas cards at this time of the year but this year it is even more difficult because we haven't even had summer yet! 
There will be holiday stamps in the mini catalog but, right now, we have to think outside the box because there aren't any in the big catalog. I really like the way this one turned out using the Work of Art set. That is a Have to Have it set. It is so versatile. 
I have the bows tied for you already! Yes, I could hear you as you saw the tiny bow. 

I did tell you that I would have more about the Pow Wow trip. 
We went to the Culture Center which is a newer building and shaped like a turtle. The turtle is very important in Native American Creation Stories. 

There were beautiful works of art hanging in the hall ways. 

The woven baskets had such intricate details on them where they twisted the materials while weaving them. There were several cases and so many different designs. 
We also had a slide show and talk given by the grandson of Chief Mishicott for whom the village of Mishicot was named. 
After the presentation, we went out to the cemetery and saw the little houses on the graves. 

They are spirit houses. They put things into the spirit house for the deceased to use in the after world. 

This is Earl Mishicott, grandson of Chief Abraham Mishicott, and Jim Sustman, the guides for the trip at the grave of Chief Mishicott. 
It was a very interesting day! 

Don't forget to leave a comment if you want to be in the drawing this month.
I will be drawing on Monday morning before the Stamp Along. 


  1. The pinwheels are so cute! I hope to be at the stamp a long to make some Christmas cards.....thanks for tying the bows.

  2. I like the pinwheels too! The story of Mishicot is very interesting.