Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Busy Weekend and Punch Art

This past weekend I went to my first PowWow.
We left very early and it was a long bus ride. Of course, I took a "bus project" because I like to have something to show for a long trip.
This time a took the pieces that I had punched for one of the Punch Art card fronts for a swap for convention. I signed up for several groups of punch art (and others!) for convention. Each group needs 21 card fronts and I usually make a few extra to swap after the organized one. 
I sponged the edges and assembled the squirrels on this card on the way there and attached them to the card front on the way back. What do you think? 
I am quite pleased with the way they turned out! I still need to give each one some whiskers. 

The punches I used for the squirrel are the owl, Bitty Butterfly, large and small ovals. 
The trellis is made with the Chevron punch and the flowers are made with the Petite Petals.

The PowWow was very interesting. 
When we got there, it was lunch time and we were hungry. I like trying new foods and was not disappointed. They had a whole lane of vendors with food and crafts! 

This is one of the menu boards.

 We had an Indian Taco for lunch. VERY GOOD! It was on Fry Bread. 
Later on we went for the deep fried mac and cheese. 
Very different; very good.

The opening ceremony was magnificent. 

The drummers were in the center to the field in that round structure. 
The parade started with the flags.

Followed by the veterans.

There were different groups of dancers. This group all had many bells sewed to their skirts. 

This little one was just being taught to do the steps.

One of the many outstanding outfits. 

This one was THE MOST outstanding! 
He made it himself as many of them do. 

Another view of it. 

Another one with much beautiful beadwork. 

It was a wonderful experience! We also visited the Culture Center and the cemetery. 
More about that next time. 
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. I love the squirrel punch art!! Thanks for sharing your stories and your pictures.

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  3. Sorry Carolee, I published a comment but I hadn't noticed that I was still signed in to your blog as you. (in case you were wondering why "you" made a comment that has been removed by the author)

    Now this is ME making a comment...

    Your card is really cute.
    Where was the Pow Wow held? It looks fascinating.

  4. Oh, now I wish I would have gone. It looks so interesting and I LOVE Indian fry bread! Very cute squirrel! I have a chevron thingy somewhere, but forgot what to do with it, as usual!

  5. Looks like it was a very interesting day......it's good to try new things. Oh, how I wish I had some of that food! Thanks for sharing.