Friday, July 25, 2014

Projects from the At the Hop event

Another event that we attended had these projects. 
The two on the top left are three D items. One is a little gift pouch and the one with the Pom Pom that is made with the new in color twine has a darling gift card inside. The other three are cards. 

It was quite crowded in the room with the long tables set up with stations to stamp but making these cute projects with friends was a lot of fun. 
There was also a light lunch for us that really stuck with the At the Hop theme. 
The burgers were made with tiny buns that had a meat ball in it. The fries were the veggie straws in the tiny packet. There were fruit and veggies also.
The desert was a cupcake with a straw in it to make it look like an ice cream soda. 
Very special event for us.  

Thanks for stopping by. 
I am working on the cards for the next Stamp Along. I have so many ideas from all the swaps I received that I don't know which ones to share this time and which ones to save! 

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