Friday, March 7, 2014

Stamp Along cards and Fire update

Are you as ready for spring as I am? 
One of the cards that will be at the Stamp Along this time. 
Even though mine is a Mother's Day one, I will have stamps to make it Easter or Birthday also.
 Judy Di Scipio had a similar one on her blog that I really liked and thought you would, too. 
Thanks, Judy. 

I just got the word bubbles framelits and used them on this kid's birthday card.
You can add the number for their special birthday on the inside to match the background DSP.
Don't forget to leave a comment and get in on the drawing for a gift. I will draw on Monday morning so you can pick at the Stamp Along if you are there. 
Follow by email so you will know who won in the next post. 

They started removing the house across the street today.
 This is the side view of the house. I braved up and took a walk across the street and a little way up the block the other day. It has been so cold that I don't have many pictures of the house that haven't been taken through my kitchen window.
 This is the front from my kitchen window.
That is our tree that is in the way.

As I was leaving this morning, they brought in the big machines on a flat bed truck.
The excitement in the neighborhood waits for me to leave.
Thanks to Jon and the camera, I don't miss out on it.
You can see the second machine on the left, holding up the side of the house while they pulled things out from the right side.

The big truck in the front was filled and it was taken away. It seemed like they separated the metal from the other scrap.
It was starting to get dark when I took this one. They still have more to do and there is a fence along the front. It is going to be a big empty space. 


  1. I love the cards, many of us wish we had a mother to give our card to, but it will be great for a birthday card....and I need those! Thanks for the kids BD card, I need those too!
    It's so sad about the house, but it's over and they have to move on. It must be hard for the family to see it, maybe they avoid the area. I'm sure they separate the metal out, it's worth money. Keep us posted. See you Monday!

  2. Looking forward to Monday! See you soon!! Margaret B.

  3. Enjoyed your cards. The tulips are so spring-like that maybe the weather will take a hint and the temperature will get warmer.