Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shaker and fancy fold cards

Do you like cards that are a little more complex? 
I enjoy doing ones that have something "different" about them. 
These are shaker cards that use the shaker frames on page 175 in the big catalog.
I will be doing a class on these five in March.
Are you interested? 
What time of the day is good for you to attend a class? 

Besides the shaker element on these cards, several of them also have a fancy fold involved.
The one on the left is one of the box in a card that are so popular right now. Fun to make and not too difficult. The one in the top right is an easel card. The bird house also has a different fold involved. 
These are the reason that I haven't been on here for awhile. They were a little intense. 
I am getting started on the Stamp Along for March. I am hoping that by doing some spring cards that spring will actually happen soon! 
I have a very pretty one that can be Mother's Day, Easter, or birthday. I will try to get that one on soon. What kind of cards do you need? 


  1. Really neat, Carolee! Some time I would like to make these cards, but not now! I have enough intense in my days with work and school...Tari

  2. Love your use of the shakers on these cards, so fun! Maybe you can put a bug in the ears of the SU powers that be to bring back the heart shaped shaker.

    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment on my mixed media piece, and sorry for taking so long to respond - my back is still yelling at me to lie down for a while longer and I'm finally going to listen to it.

  3. I will be there! I also posted these fine cards on my facebook timeline!!

  4. Saw the cards on the board at Hobby Lobby, they look good in the picture, but GREAT in person.

  5. Wow love the new cards. Diane and I are trying to get there this month