Monday, March 31, 2014


I put my stamping aside and went to Las Vegas with Jon and our good friends. It was a wonderful, relaxing time! We stayed downtown and walked up and down Fremont Street each night to see the Light show and the characters that were everywhere!

This is the Casino and Hotel where we stayed.

After dark, they have a light show on the structure over the street, along with music. 

This is what the same area looks like in the daytime. Very different! Very quiet. 

The Light show lasts about 15 minutes. Between shows there are other things to entertain you.

There are performers everywhere. They have boxes or hats for collecting money.
The better they are, the more they collect. It is all free will offerings. 
This one, standing on the box in the above picture, ended up in the box. 

This one, and several others, just sit there, in the air, with no support! How do they do that? 

There are people dressed up as famous people as this Marilyn and Michael. 
There was also a chubby Elvis and a little boy dressed as Michael Jackson and was dancing. He was really talented. He and many other young children were out there until very late each night. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I don't think children should be out at 11:00 at night being exposed to all that entertainment. There were even several in strollers.

Then  there were the crafters. This one did paintings with spray paint. Quick and beautiful.

This was a team doing clay busts. The times that I saw them, they each had a person sitting across from them and were forming the bust with clay. 

This is the display they had. You could also get a frame for the finished piece. 
It was very interesting to walk from one bit of excitement to the next. 

I am off to bed. Thanks for stopping in to share my vacation. 


  1. So glad you went on vacation, relax, and had a good time, love the pictures, awesome

  2. Wow! Looks very interesting. It's been a long time since I was in Vegas, and there was nothing like that there then. I'm glad you had the opportunity to relax and have some fun. Thanks for sharing.