Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stamp Along, Punch Art, and Bumming

Stamp Along is coming! 
I have gotten so many ideas at convention that it is hard to pick which ones to share first! 
The one in the front right is made with the new thinlits die. I knew that was one that had to be shared right away! Remember when we had to measure and cut and measure and score to make one of these? 
Now, you just run it through the Big Shot with the die and it is cut, scored, and ready to decorate! 

You can see that there are some Christmas, Birthday, Thinking of You, and Guy Cards. 
There are a few more to come yet, also. They are still running around in my head though. 
Hope to see you Monday at the Library! 
Which ones will you make?

Punch Art Swaps

This Little Minnions Card was one from Pam Ison in the convention swap. 
Aren't they cute? 

These two were from Sandy Carlson. They are so clean and easy to do. 
I think the golf one may be at the Stamp Along on Monday. 
Could you use a golf card? 

Last week I took a day and went bumming. A just for me day! 
It is good to do that once in awhile! 
I ended up doing a late breakfast with a friend and it was wonderful! 
Good food; good company!
After that, I went on and met my sister and went to a quilt show. 
We had a good time looking at the beautiful quilts then went out for a sandwich. 
More good food; good company! 

This was my favorite quilt. It was right at the entrance. 
Needless to say, I didn't touch any of the quilts! 

The trouble with bumming is when you have such a wonderful day, you want to do more of it! 
This week I took another day and it, too, was wonderful! 
I will tell you a little about that next time.
Thanks for stopping! 


  1. I am going to make as many cards as I can!!! they are all adorable.

  2. All the cards are just wonderful. That Minnion card is too cute!

    Agreed, bumming is good!!!