Friday, May 22, 2015

50 years!

Almost four months ago (Feb 4) I posted about the scrapbook days, at which, I was making these topiaries.
They seemed so big when I was making them. 
When we got them on the tables in the hall they looked pretty small! 
I did make five of them and they did add to the decor. I was pleased with my effort to do them.
The roses are made with the Spiral Flower Bigz Die. The curled paper is red copy paper that is cut in 1/8" or 1/4" strips, curled, and attached to the Styrofoam ball. Easy but tedious. 

The occasion was our 50th wedding anniversary. 
These were the invitations I made.

The RSVP information was on a small envelope that was sealed with a small piece of washi tape and held two small cards that I asked to have back with a memory written on each. 
I also asked that they bring a picture of themselves or one with us. 

These are the Thank You cards.

 We started with the attendance at Mass and a special blessing from our Pastor.

After Mass, we headed over to the Community House where we had a wonderful catered meal of chicken, boneless ribs, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, salads, rolls, and more. 
There were many compliments on the good food!

Our youngest granddaughter took charge of the cupcakes. 
In the center of this picture are the only two of the original wedding party that could attend this year.

You may have seen this picture on FaceBook. Someone actually caught both of us smiling at the same time! So glad they did... I really like this one. 

Here we are with our Maid of Honor.

This is my "first" selfie! Then we staged it again to "document" it. 
Two of my very good friends that are the reason I am one of the charter members of our Red Hat chapter. They kept telling me that they just needed one more member!

This is our second daughter with her second daughter. 

Here I am with both of our girls. 

This is the eldest with us.
I had wanted to have "group" pictures taken but didn't write it down and the time went so quickly so it didn't get done. I am grateful to everyone that took pictures.
I did have my crab hat there also and wanted a group pix with the Crabbs that were present.
Again, that didn't happen. :-(
This is what it would have looked like...with many more in the picture. 
Thanks, Sarah, for wearing yours! 

The Roncalli singers provided just the right amount of entertainment! 
They were great! 

Here are a few of the original pictures from 50 years ago.

Where has the time gone? 


  1. So glad you posted this! Much love and congratulations to you both. Quite an achievement.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Love the photos!