Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nashville Trip

Our trip to Nashville! 
Linda and our driver, Stanley.
This is our second trip with Stanley driving. He is amazing! He maneuvers the narrow streets and tight spaces with ease. He also takes care of the walkers and handing out the bottled water and he is always standing at the door to help each and every one of us down that last step! 

We had a step on guide, Carl, in Nashville. He was very good and sure squeezed as many sights as possible into our time there. 
We started out going through a neighborhood where many of the music star live or have lived. They were all big beautiful homes but were hard to see because they were so far back from the street and the trees have grown quite tall. 
Notice how green the lawns and trees are. It was beautiful weather while we were there. 

This is some of the skyline we could see from the bus. 

This "work of art" was in a round about that we had to maneuver several times both days! 

The Upper Room is a beautiful place! Very prayerful. 

Works of art on the stairway to get upstairs.

The large carving of the Last Supper.

Closer up.

The magnificent stained glass window that is the height of both floors. 

The rail in front of the Last Supper carving. Many symbols all along the rail. 

There we are out in the garden in front of the fountain.

Back on the bus! 

Lunch was at the Farmer's Market. There were several choices of places to purchase our lunch. I had a veggie crepe. It was very good. 
Across the street was the time line and World War II memorial. 
These are bell towers in a circle. There is one for each state. They play each hour. 
There are lots of inscriptions there but we didn't have time to go and read them.

The time line goes on for about two blocks. There are inscriptions all along the way. It is a very educational walk. 

The Parthenon. We did not stop here. Guess we will have to go back again. 

The Johnny Cash museum. 
We watched the movie I Walk the Line on the bus on the way there which was great background for the visit. Not many pictures there as my battery was low. 

Place setting of the Cash china! 

A small but very interesting tour of Studio B.
Elvis did most of his recording here. Many of the well known Country Music Artists did their recordings in this studio. 

These large guitars were in several places around this area. 

The Country Music Hall of Fame.

We could eat at the Wild Horse Saloon but Linda and I walked a few blocks to Damon's instead. 
This is right in the front of the Wild Horse Saloon. 
Stampin' Up! took us to this Saloon for Manager's meeting a few years ago. It was wonderful! This visit brought back those great memories. 

The Grand Ole Opry was a highlight of the trip. We were sitting pretty high up. The building holds 4400 people and it was a full house when we were there. 
The Wounded Warrior Band was a highlight of the already emotional tribute to the armed services. 
It was an amazing show! 

There was so much more but I think I got the highlights here. 

I did work on my swaps on the bus! I got three sets finished! 


  1. The Nashville trip was amazing, even tho a whirlwind trip. You are amazing for all the swaps you were able to complete the bus.....I am in awe!

  2. thanks for sharing your trip, very beautiful pictures. nice pic of you too. glad you enjoyed.

  3. Interesting to see your photos as well as Linda's. Glad you both had a good time.

  4. So glad to hear you had a wonderful trip. I especially love the photos of you and Linda with the giant guitars.

  5. Looks like you had fun! And hopefully some relaxing time too. See you soon!