Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Next month we will be celebrating the Fourth of July. 
Do you send cards for that? 
Sometimes I do. 
It is fun to receive a card when you aren't expecting one. 
Do you like to receive a card in the mail? 
This is a quick and easy one that you can make at the Library on Monday, then you can send it and make someone happy with a "surprise" card. 

This Little Piggy is a cute new set. I have seen some really cute things with it.
Again, I ask, which orientation so you like the best? 

I hope that you will be able to come to the Library and Stamp Along next Monday! 
I will have the new catalogs there if you need one. It is online but it is just so much nicer to snuggle up with your own copy and make your wish list. Don't you agree? 

If you already have your copy of the catalog and wish to order online, please use the hostess code

Thank you!

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  1. like that 4th of July card, and the flamingo, one.