Thursday, April 13, 2017

On Stage

On Saturday we went to the On Stage event in Minneapolis. 
It was quite the day for me! 
I told you a while ago that I have reached the 400K milestone in my SU! career.
I also shared that I received the card, letter, pin, and phone call. 
Now, I got to go across the stage and get a hug from the company representative that was here with us for this event. It was Bonnie Thurber. When you have been to as many events as I have, you get to know many of the company employees. She is one of the nicest people! 
It so happens that I was the only one present at that level achievement so I got to go on stage all alone! Often times at the big convention there are so many that you are in a long line, walking across the stage just waving to your friends in the audience. 
This was special! 

Ann went up to the stage to get this picture. 

Dawn took a couple of pictures of the big screen while I was on it. 
They also put your name on the screen but they missed that. 

Our name tags have a button the has a shape on it that indicates our symbol for a prize patrol. 
Carla, Dawn, and I had the same symbol so we all won the same set. 
Everyone wins, but after there is a demo for a new product they have the prize patrol and that group wins the set they just showed us. 

This is the group that stamped together on Saturday. 
Back row: Carolee, Ann (my upline), Carla (my sideline)
Front row: two of my downline; Sharie and Dawn
Share and I have only missed one convention since we started! 

Back at the room, after we went out for supper, we celebrated with some champaign!

I still haven't unpacked all of my swaps but I do plan to post them to share with you. 

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Thank you! 

It is because of all of you that place orders with me that I had such a great time being On Stage at the On Stage event! 
Thank you!!!

Happy Easter!

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