Saturday, September 10, 2016

More Stamp Along cards and my most recent adventure.

First the cards that will be at the Stamp Along. 
Both of these were there last time but there was a request to bring them back so they will be there. 
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This one uses the bow maker punch and is done in the in color, Emerald Envy. 

Quick and easy, this one uses a few die cuts and the specialty paper in the Affectionately Yours pack on p 172. The jar is the shortest one from the Everyday Jars Framelits set.

The last week in August I met a friend and two of her friends that I had yet to meet in Green Bay. 
She introduced us to each other and off we went to the northwest part of Wisconsin for an overnight on a train. It is a long drive to Spooner! 

We were able to board the train at 5:00. We knew that the rooms would be small but were still surprised with what we saw. 
I climbed up the ladder to my bunk to check it out. 
This picture was taken from out in the hallway! 

The door on the left (above) is for the bathroom. You are right, you can't use the toilet with the sink in the way! The sink folds up to get it out of the way. That is also the way to drain the water. 

We had an adjoining room with the other two gals and we left the door open between the rooms for better air circulation. 
Here you can see their room from ours. That is the top of my ladder on the left. It is right against the door at the bottom. 

Next, we went to the next car, past the bar and into the lounge. 
There was a tiny dance floor and a few sofas in there. 

We visited with some of the other people on the train in there after dinner. There were two unisex bathrooms in there that were much roomier than the one in our room so we took advantage of those. 

The next car was the dinner car. 

As soon as we got in there they brought the plate of appetizers. Notice there are three slices of sausage for the four of us? They brought us another plate. 

Then the train started moving. It is the only train in the US that serves the meal while the train is moving. We had a choice of meals when we registered for the trip. The choices were steak, salmon, or shrimp. One of my brussel sprouts got eaten before I remembered to take the picture. 

Lots of beautiful scenery while we were eating. 

There was also a very nice salad and delicious blueberry or raspberry cheesecake. By then we were back at the station. 
There were several people that just came for the meal and got off the train after the meal. We went for a walk but it had gotten quite cool out so went back to the lounge car. 
I sept quite well after I got situated in that top bunk. The covers were tucked so tight that I had to fight with them to get them to reach out enough to get total coverage! 
In the morning, we had to go through the lounge car and the dinner car to get to the breakfast car. It was a nice buffet type breakfast with eggs, potatoes, sausage, fruit, cereal, and juice. It was nice because they also had tea for those of us that don't drink coffee. 
When we got off the train we took a walk to the caboose with a couple that was also on the trip.

It was a very nice experience! The ladies that went with us are very nice. I am so glad that I got to meet them! 
I hope you enjoyed hearing about my adventure. 
Thanks for stopping by. 
Hope to see you on Monday! 


  1. Cute cards! That train trip looks right up my alley!

  2. Think the train trip was a neat experience. Reminds me of when we took a train in Alaska. Dorothy L.