Friday, May 6, 2016

Spring has Sprung


My flowers are blooming.

Our new curtains are hung. 
I have had the fabric for, at least, two years and finally made them. 
Remember that eleven day trip that I didn't take? 
This is what I have been doing instead. 
Our kitchen windows are different sizes so it takes a little extra "thinking" when crafting a "pair" of curtains. I am very pleased with the result though. 

Here is a close up of the pattern and my rosary plant. 

Of course, you can't, or shouldn't, hang new curtains without washing the windows! 
So the windows are washed, too! 

The ducks are back and enjoying the pond. 

The critters are out and every once in awhile they have an accident. 
Saturday, one of the little guys fell in the pond. He was lucky that Jon saw him just in time.
Jon alerted me to "bring a scoop" so I went out to see why the scoop was needed and got the little guy out of the water...he was paddling like crazy...and he just lay there like a stiff brick. 
Off I ran to get supplies and got him to emergency care. 
This is when he has already warmed up enough to move. 
Poor little guy was so cold and stiff that he didn't move at all for about ten minutes. After awhile on the heating pad he came out from under the towel. 

After an hour, he was feeling much better and started to clean his whiskers and his fur. 
Back to the pond area and off with the cover. 
He was ready! He hopped out and took off in a hurry. 

Off to the neighbor's yard.

But he didn't go into the cover of his home. 
He stayed out there long enough to say thank you. 

He was also out there sunning himself on Sunday. 

Flowers are blooming on the cards also.
This one is made using the set from the last Paper Pumpkin. 
There are some really nice stamp sets with the Paper Pumpkin! 
Can you see the difference on the two cards? 
Leave a comment, mentioning the difference and you may win a prize.
I have lots of "prizes" here as I am going through many of my "supplies." 

Another blooming flower!

Hope to see you at the Stamp Along on Monday! 
I will have some "show and tell" from the Sayner Convention in northern Wisconsin for you. 
This is not a Stampin' Up! event but a very nice little convention that I have been going to for several years. I will be missing my travel partner and helper this year. I am doing a presentation in the Round Robins this year. 

Please use the hostess code 
if you are ordering on line.
Thank You! 


  1. You masked the stems on one card and not on the other. Bev

  2. You masked the stems on the one card, but not on the other. I like the masked one.

  3. I like your curtains! Yes, you masked the ferns on one a d not the other. I like these cards.